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What's so great about a Loyalty Card?

Our little pink card can help you save big throughout the year with special offers every month! Plus, you get an extra discount on all our big sales AND your birthday coupon! Want to know more details? Read on!

What it Costs

The card costs $3.00, but it never expires so you don't have to pay it again!

How it Works

You collect points on every purchase. 1 point is equal to $1 before tax. When you reach 300 points, you get a $20 gift card that can be used next time you shop with us. The reward does not expire until it's been used.

Protecting Your Points

After you get your card, we'll give you information on how to register it. By doing so, you protect your points and gift cards you collect. This way, even if your card is lost or stolen, you can keep track of your points and gift card balance. Also, you get a free $5 gift card as a reward, along with more special offers for our exclusive Platinum Club.


Take a Closer Look

Loyalty Card Offers for 2024!


Tight Sale!

Buy one pair of tights, get a 2nd 50% off

Buy 2 pairs of tights, get a 3rd pair FREE!


15% off your entire purchase!


Double Points!


Receive 50% off a pair of tights with each dance shoe purchase!


Recital Gifts 20% off!

(does not include shoes, tights, leotards, shorts, or bra tops)


"Merchandise Mystery" Giveaway


Receive an extra 5% off our Annual Shoe Trade-In Sale (July 22 - Aug 3!


Receive an extra 5% off our Leotard sale (Aug 5-17) & Back to Dance Sale (Aug 19-31)!


15% off entire purchase


Double Points!


Happy 43rd Birthday to us!

Receive an extra 5% off our Pick Your Discount Sale! Register your Loyalty card before November 1st to receive special offers all month long!


Happy Holidays!

$10 gift card with $50 purchase

$15 gift card with a $75 purchase

$20 gift card with a $100 purchase

Have Questions?? Use our online chat or give us a call 330-497-9419!

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