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Loyalty Card

What is it?

  The Loyalty Card offers you an opportunity to save money! Spend $300 while using your Loyalty Card and receive a $20 gift certificate. For being a Loyalty Card Holder, we offer monthly specials along with special emails when the card is registered.

How it works:
-The Loyalty Card costs $2.50, but never expires. We can attach your phone number to your card, at the time of purchase, in case it is misplaced or stolen. 
   -We match 1 point for every $1 spent before tax. Once you reach 300 points, your card is automatically issued a $20 gift card!  The points will be reset and you start earning points again. It's that simple!
   -You can also register the card online and become a part of our Platinum Club. This will give you: exclusive email offers, protect your points, and keep track of your gift card balances. 
   -Visit and fill out all information with your Loyalty Card. Make sure to keep the "Opt-In" box checked so you receive the special offers. Once registered and you have verified your email address, you'll be rewarded a $5 gift card directly onto your Loyalty Card.

What are the limitations?
   All merchandise will be included in card totals. Sales tax not included. Returns will be deducted. You cannot accumulate loyalty points on group orders or when purchasing a gift card.

2018 Loyalty Card Offers:
January- Tight Sale: Buy one pair of tights; get a second pair ½ off.
Buy 2 pair; get a third pair for free!
February- 15% off your entire purchase
March- Double points
April- $5 off a $35 or more purchase
May & June- Receive 15% off any two items, and 20% off any three or more items.
July- Extra 5% off Shoe Trade In
August- Extra 5% off Leotard Sale
September- 15% off your entire purchase
October- Register your Loyalty Card and receive $5.00 and 15% off your next purchase.
 If your card is already registered, receive 20% off your next purchase.
November- Happy 37th Birthday to us!! Join our Platinum Club for special offers all month long! Receive an extra 5% off our Annual Pick-Your-Discount Sale!
December- Double points and Happy Holidays!

You will receive reminder emails at the beginning of each month!