Ovation Gear Performance Bag

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This bag is perfect for competitions and recitals. It can be set up quickly and easily in any dressing room, big or small. The fabric is sturdy, as well as the poles used to support and hang costumes on. Both size bags have many pockets for holding all the hair and costume accessories you have!

The performance bag comes with many optional add-on accessories that can match the color bag you chose!

Each bag also comes with a Velcro patch

that you can have personalized!

For details on each bag size and accessory item, read on!

Large Performance Bag:

Colors available in this size are pictured to the left.

This size bag can hold up to 15 costumes!

Dimensions: 31.5×17.5×14 – rack height 59″ tall.

Medium Performance bag:

Colors available in this size are limited to:

-Black w/Pink Trim

-All Black bag

-Black w/Turquoise Trim

This bag can hold up to 10 costumes! It's the perfect size for any smaller dancer with a lot of numbers!

Dimensions: 27x18x14.5 - Rack stands 58.5" tall

Performance Bag Accessories

Privacy Curtains

The set of two privacy curtains attach to the top of the side poles and can be turned in different directions so you have your own private area for changing.

These screens work with both the medium and large size bag.

The colors available include:







Privacy Curtain:

The privacy curtain is one piece that attaches to the top and side bars to hang over the back of the rack. This gives you the option to have 3 sided coverage when changing!

There are two sizes of privacy curtain, one for each size bag.

Medium bag colors:






Large bag colors include the same as the medium bag, plus a grey option.

Hanging Mirror:

These mirrors are a full length size, made with a thicker material so it makes it sturdy for traveling! The hang easily over the top bar that holds your costumes! You can even fold it in half and sit it on the floor so two dancers can do their makeup at once!

All colors shown to the left are available.

Folding Stool:

This travel stool is easy to store in the large back pocket of your medium or large size bag. It's a great piece for a dancer to put on shoes, or do makeup and hair touch-ups.

The colors shown to the right are all colors available.

Gusseted Garment Bag:

This garment bag is perfect for bulkier costumes with the 3" gusset on the sides. It also can help the costume air out more post dancing.

All colors shown to the left are available, along with black.

Garment Bag:

This clear garment bag makes it easy to see that all your costume pieces are in one place, helping make quick changes easier! There's a slot on the front of each bag perfect size to put a card with your dancer's name, or the name of the dance number!

The colors shown to the right are all colors available, along with black.

Travel Cosmetic Case:

The folding cosmetic case is perfect to carry any makeup essentials you need, extra bobby pins, hairnets, or hair accessories! They can either stay folded, or hang next to your costumes!

All colors shown to the left are available.

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Black w/Pink Trim